TMJ dysfunction

Are you suffering from headaches, earaches, or jaw pain? Let me tell you how massage can help!

Usually the tightness starts in the neck and shoulders and makes its way up to the jaw, and the muscles involving the temporal mandibular joint. TMJ dysfunction or pain in the jaw, is most often found in people who have had or are wearing braces, altering the alignment in their jaw; or office workers, as they tend to be more prone to a head forward posture. When the cervical spine is flexed forward there is a strain put on the cervical aka neck muscles, especially the suboccipitals. Located just inferior to the skull bone. This often can lead to and anterior displacement of the mandibular condyle of the temporolmandibular joint (TMJ). Meaning the TMJ may become out of alignment/misplaced.

This can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, making it hard to deal with regular daily activities. Releasing tension in the cervicals and suboccipitals should be the primary concern when dealing with any TMJ condition. If the only concern is around the joint muscles itself, the condition will never get resolved as the jaw will just get displaced again by the pulling of the tight cervical muscles.

It is important as I have stated before to release the neck muscles of any tension, followed by then relieving the muscles of mastication. Being the muscles we use when we talk and chew.
A thorough TMJ treatment should take about 45 minutes. Massage techniques applied to the neck, base of skull, intra and outer jaw muscles, and the temples.  As all of these muscles affect the jaw and TMJ.   TO be better palpated therapist may wear gloves to insert finger inside of the mouth to alleviate tension of some of the jaw muscles.  If you find your jaw to be experiencing some tension you can gently stretch it out by opening mouth and placing your index and middle finger along the middle part of your front bottom teeth.  Then gently try to close mouth, keeping in mind your fingers are placed there to add restriction so the stretch can be completed.  If you are dealing with any of the issues above please feel free to book a massage today!  I will gladly help you help yourself to have your on your way to feeling happy and healthier!

Amanda Jackman; R.M.T.