Manual Lymphatic drainage

Some of you may have noticed that in my services I offer Manual lymphatic drainage.  This is the only treatment I offer that is not covered by insurance.  The reasoning for this is because unlike therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage is a modality that acts on the lymphatic system.  Unfortunately as a registered massage therapist, only massage treatments manipulating the muscles are considered to be in my line of practice.   Therapeutic massage treatments focus on the musculoskeletal system, while manual lymphatic drainage  focuses on increasing lymphatic fluid at a greater rate.

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) differs as it is a very specific technique that requires a very gentle, light touch.  The reasoning for this is because of how superficial the lymphatic capillaries are in the skin.  They are practically right underneath the skins surface; Unlike blood vessels which lay throughout and deeper within the muscle tissues.  Activating the lymph nodes prior to using a gentle push against the skins surface actually increases the lymphatic fluid by litres.

An increase in lymphatic fluid can affect the body immensely.  Our lymphatic systems are our main source of detoxification.  It is vital to our being.  If it becomes greatly impaired one can perish within 48 hours from toxicity.  It is our main carrier for white blood cells.  If you did not know white blood cells are what keep our immune system strong.  They fight and kill toxins and bad bacteria that may lead to infections.  Increasing the lymphatic fluid also aids in decreasing pain and swelling.  It removes excess proteins which usually are found in swollen tissues, along with speeding up healing time.  Alleviating pain from decompressing swollen tissues that may be compressing nerves.

MLD helps keep your body in a state of homeostasis, in other words regulated.  If done regularly it can help keep those seasonal viruses, or flus from affecting you.  It is also a great treatment to receive if you have any type of autoimmune condition.  Autoimmune conditions attack the body, and an increase of white blood cells with help will help the body maintain its strength.

Please feel free to comment or email if you have any questions or concerns about receiving an MLD treatment.  I have found that MLD is overall a very calming treatment.  The increase of white blood cells affects brain activity to actually help with relaxing ones mind.


Amanda Jackman; R.M.T.

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